Alto MP3 CD Gold

Alto MP3 CD Gold 5.12

CD Ripper and Converter

AltoMP3 Gold is an excellent software program for Windows for creating audio files from your CDs. AltoMP3 Gold rips your audio CDs and converts all the tracks into MP3 format. The program gives you high-quality audio output almost as good as your CD, but in mp3 format. With this program, you can transfer your favorite audio CD tracks to mp3 and put them in your iPod. AltoMP3 Gold gives you excellent compatibility with other portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, mobile phones and other compatible mobile devices, and also has a built-in media player with full CD audio playback control function. AltoMP3 Gold is an excellent tool for media conversion as it also supports conversion to other media file types including .wma, .w4a, .mp2, .mp4, .asf audio files and .avi, .asf, .wmv, and .mov files for audio and XviD and DivX movies. Overall, it’s a convenient program that converts your media files and it’s a multimedia player at the same time. AltoMP3 Gold is compatible with Windows Vista operating system and lower versions of Windows.

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